Saint Gobain's range of container closures and silicone stoppers allows users to upgrade their existing bottle and carboy assemblies to include a range of high purity, moulded assemblies in a variety of standard or custom configurations.


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C-Flex® EZ Top® container closures

EZ Top® container closures are one-piece units consisting of tubing and an overmolded stopper. Economical and designed for single use, these closures eliminate contamination that can occur with repeat-use closures and play a key role in the reduction of cleaning and assembly time. One-piece construction – which employs a thermal bond between tubing and stopper – eliminates product loss and contamination due to loose connections.

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Sani-Tech® EZ Top® container closures

Sani-Tech® EZ Top® container closures are manufactured from high-purity, biopharmaceutical-grade, platinum-cured silicone elastomers. These components and assemblies provide an aseptic seal for handling various highly sensitive fluids in biopharmaceutical applications.

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Sani-Tech® silicone stoppers

Sani-Tech® ultra-pure platinum-cured silicone stoppers outperform standard neoprene and rubber stoppers in critical laboratory and process applications. These long-life silicone stoppers are fully autoclavable and sterilizable and will not crack, spallate or invoke particle migrations that can cause process or product contamination.​

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