Flow rate measurement

The non-invasive measurement of flow rates in fluid-filled tubes plays an important role in many fields of science and industry. Ultrasonic flow sensors are used in many areas, including medical science, the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical  industry, automation technology and mechanical and hydraulic engineering during the construction of devices and machinery.

The flow rate sensors of the SONOFLOW series are designed to rapidly and reliably monitor flow rates in tubes. The design of the non-invasive sensors eliminates contact with the medium being monitored, making it particularly suited to applications in which strict hygiene requirements are to be observed.

In addition to the standard sensors, SONOTEC are able to develop and manufacture sensors for customer-specific applications due to the fact that the design and evaluation algorithms can be adapted for specific requirements.

Product information
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SONOFLOW Clamp-on Sensor
for contactless flow metering in tubes 

The ultrasonic flow sensor SONOFLOW CO detects the flow rate of liquids in plastic tubes quickly and reliably. The non-invasive sensor has no contact to the medium and is particularly suited for applications with strict hygienic standards. The clamp-on mounting concept eliminates any risk of contamination or leaking. Besides multiple off-the-shelf standard sizes, SONOTEC also offers a sensor solution for combined flow-bubble detection (SONOFLOW CO.56). Different housing materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel or plastics, are also available.

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SONOFLOW Inline Sensor
for precise measurement of low volume flow rates in pipes and tubes


The highly accurate ultrasonic flow sensor SONOFLOW IL.52 detects smallest flow rates in liquid filled tubes and pipes, using bidirectional measurement. Due to its construction and its resistance to temperature the sensor is particularly suitable for applications in fields with strict hygienic standards. An additional benefit is, that the sensor is wear- and maintenance free.

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Remote Display RD.10
monitoring the performance of the SONOFLOW sensors anywhere

The Remote Display RD.10 extends SONOTECs portfolio for non-invasive fluid monitoring. The menu-operated display shows the flow, the total volume and the temperature of your media at any time even in different units.

The intuitive menu structure allows you to carry out zero-calibration and a manual reset of the volume directly without having to apply a PC or a PLC. The compact housing made of PVC-C fulfills protection class IP67 and allows a flexible use of the display.

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