Tubing clamps


The Pure-Fit range of tubing and hose clamps from Saint Gobain Performance Plastics are a high quality range of clamps designed for use in the demanding pharmaceutical and life science industries. Manufactured with rounded edges and unique easy to use designs, these clamps are perfect for use in clean room environments. 


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Pure-Fit® TC standard tube clamps

Pure-Fit® TC tube clamps represent a new generation of clamping technology for the pharmaceutical industry. They feature an outer body with no sharp edges, eliminating the potential for snags, scratches or punctures; a press-down locking system that is fully encapsulated to guard against untimely or unwanted release; a side release mechanism that facilitates secure, single-handed installation and operation; and an integral bore hole for absolute lock-out capabilities. 

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Pure-Fit® TCL large tube clamps

Pure-Fit® TCL large tube clamps provide the same innovative clamping technology as Pure-Fit® TC, but are designed to accommodate larger diameter and thick wall tubing applications – up to 2" O.D. in standard, braided (reinforced) and multilayer constructions. In addition to providing complete fluid stoppage, Pure-Fit® TCL can be utilized in the flow position and features an integral bore hole for absolute lock-out capabilities.​

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Pure-Fit® Tru Valve system​

The Pure-Fit® Tru Valve system features an innovative valve design that can be installed over standard flexible tubing or a finished assembly system. The superior lightweight construction allows the fluid floor to be accurately controlled with a calibrated scale on both sides to assist with validation protocols.​

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