Collaborative Design Services​


Saint-Gobain offers Collaborative Design Services for customers who desire turnkey single-use systems for bioprocess. We work with you to deliver the best solution for your application requirements.

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BarbLock® ultra-secure retainers


BarbLock Features and Benefits
BarbLock® is an excellent replacement for inconsistent and leak-prone cable ties and traditional clamps. This video provides a concise overview of BarbLock®'s unique features and their positive impact on the product's performance.​

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BarbLock Assembly

One of the key advantages of BarbLock® is its ease of use; there's no need for solvent bonding, ultraviolet bonding or toxic adhesives. As you'll see in this short video, the retainer is easily assembled using either a hand tool or the BarbLock® pneumatic assembly device.​

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BarbLock vs. Cable Ties

This brief video points out some of the problems with the use of cable ties in fluid flow applications, and how the BarbLock® design addresses these problems.

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BarbLock Removal

Removing a BarbLock® retainer with the BarbLock® universal removal tool is just as easy as assembling one, as this short video shows.​

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Bio-Simplex® Carboys


A Better Carboy​
New Bio-Simplex® Carboys provide advanced liquid handling and solution storage for general laboratory, process development and bioproduction applications. Saint-Gobain offers a range of popular sizes of carboys from: 2.5 L to 75 L manufactured from high quality Polyproplyene, HDPE and PETG.

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Custom designed single-use molded assemblies


Your one-stop source
There is no better way to move fluids from point A to point B with fewer materials of contact than Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' custom single-use assemblies. 

Custom designed, single-use molded assemblies can be constructed from a range of materials including C-Flex®, Sani-Tech® and PharMed® tubing, and can include a range of other Saint Gobain and third party products. Thanks to the unique properties of these materials and Saint-Gobain’s innovative overmolding technology, tubing and other components can be combined into one unified assembly in an almost infinite number of configurations. 

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Pure-Fit® SC sterile connectors


Introducing Pure-Fit SC

Pure-Fit® SC is connective technology that makes it possible to create true sterile connections anywhere – even outside the clean room environment. It incorporates exclusive Pure-Fit® SIB® (smooth inner bore) technology, which provides a seamless transition between tubings and fittings in order to maintain complete fluid integrity.

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ZenCap Zero Capsules PES membrane​


Introducing the NEW ZenCap® Zero

ZenCap® Zero can be used to minimize valuable fluid loss without dilution, contamination, or over-pressurization. ZenCap® Zero is a Patent Pending technology that eliminates the significant economic loss caused by the upstream and downstream volume of fluid retained in traditional capsule filters. Fluid holdup in the Zero capsule’s downstream space is reduced to zero.​

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